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What It Is...

Mind-body work (see "More on Christian Mind-Body Work" from the home page) is, in one sense, a mechanical approach to emotional problems. It acknowledges the vast precision of the human body and the extent to which the many dimensions of a person are present in every moment. That is, it recognizes that the physical body overlaps with the emotional dimension which overlaps with the spiritual dimension of a person. As stated in the Mind-Body section of this site, it is precisely these intersecting areas which can, with understanding and experience, be accessed.

It is a very direct approach to emotional and other issues. In traditional forms of talk therapy problems could be considered analogous to a house with plumbing problems. It might be deduced over a period of time that certain modifications in how the house functions would be wise. For example, not running laundry, the dishwasher and the shower all at the same time. With mind-body work a much more direct and expedient tack is adopted which endeavors to clear out the obstructions in the actual pipes in the house thereby allowing the proper flow of water. This is not, in any way, meant to disrespect the worth and profound benefit of traditional talk therapy which is very useful in behavioral modification and conscious exploration. On the contrary, it is often critical to one's process of healing to reside for a time in the arena of this form of therapy.