Core Training - Pittsburgh, PA (Simulcast) Sept 9-11, 2022 - Refresher

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Walk Away With:

  • A Christian mind-body protocol that enables you to enjoy the time-efficient effects of mind-body techniques without compromising faith and spiritual boundaries.
  • Tools for achieving rapid results with anxiety disorders, depression, and a wide range of other symptoms.
  • The ability to access and resolve subconscious trauma content in a client's history.
  • The capacity to help clients quickly resolve issues and develop new behavioral and emotional patterns.
  • Member privileges with the Splankna Training Institute for continued education and new developments.
  • The ability to immediately incorporate the healing protocol into practice with clients and start enjoying the results! 
  • Eligibility to attend Advanced Training after completing Core Training requirements.

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You MUST have previously attended this level of training to purchase as a refresher.: