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Splankna is a results-driven, mind-body protocol that is centered around Jesus.
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Even if methods like counseling and deliverance have let you down, Splankna can offer a new path to
strength, and connection with God.


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“I’ve tried everything else!”

You may know someone who has suffered for many years or maybe you have yourself.  In your search for healing, you or a loved one may have tried counseling, chiropractors, doctors, healing prayers, and even medication but nothing has had a lasting effect.

You may still be hurting but are unsure about how to resolve your pain. While the doctors don’t know what’s wrong, you know you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. You’ve started to believe that real change cannot happen.

You may even believe you’re failing as a Christian when things don’t heal.  But there is hope.

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“Will this really work?”

Splankna work brings together the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an issue all at once. This “whole person” approach can often facilitate change at a deeper level than more traditional methods. Of course, no methodology hits a home run every time, but when body, soul, and spirit work together, the potential for change is maximized.

You've probably tried willpower for years. We know how frustrating that can be. If we could will ourselves out of emotional issues we would! Scripture makes it look like we should be able to command our souls to choose life and have them obey. But when we try that, something deep inside stays resistant. Splankna is a way to get to that resistant level and make changes at the root. If you've exhausted your willpower, find your nearest Splankna Practitioner today and
find your freedom.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

I am feeling so much better since our work together. Thank you again and again! Many things have changed, things that were hidden from me. I am so thankful and feel I can enter this next phase of my life with new strength.

- Cindy

Through God’s leading, my practitioner has helped me become aware of burdens, some of which I have carried for 30 years! I am so grateful for Splankna. I have a new life; a new mental health after 25 years of being a victim to mental illness.

- Steva

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How do I know Splankna work is biblical?

In this ground-breaking book, Sarah Thiessen walks you through the important questions that arise in redeeming mind-body tools. She is passionate not only about healing but about spiritual boundaries and redemptive living for all believers in Jesus.

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