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At the Splankna Training Institute we offer training and certification for practitioners in a biblically-based, mind-body protocol for emotional freedom.

Holistic healing, honoring Jesus.

Splankna work brings together the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an issue all at once. This “whole person” approach can often facilitate change at a deeper level than more traditional methods.  When body, soul, and spirit work together, the potential for change is maximized.

Splankna harnesses remarkable mechanisms created by God in the mind-body connection. We provide a highly effective procedure for quickly relieving a wide range of emotional symptoms. 

Whether you're ready to find your own freedom, or looking to be empowered as a helper, you've come to the right place. 

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Listen to our two-part interview with Face to Face Ministries where our founder, Sarah Thiessen, goes into the details about all things Splankna. Click the links below to start listening now.

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Here are some personal experiences of how Splankna is changing lives...


Find Your Freedom. 

“I’ve tried everything else!” - Does this sound familiar? 

You may have, or know someone who has, suffered for many years. In your search for healing, you or a loved one may have tried counseling, chiropractors, doctors, healing prayers, and even medication, but nothing has had a lasting effect.

You may still be hurting but are unsure about how to resolve your pain. While the doctors don’t know what’s wrong, you know you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. You may even believe you’re failing as a Christian when things don’t heal. 
But there is hope.

Splankna work brings together the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an issue all at once. 

Learn more about our individual practitioners, and how they have been trained to help you experience new levels of freedom, strength, and connection with God.

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We have trained over
5000 Splankna Practitioners worldwide. 
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You can become a Certified Splankna Practitioner.

“Can I really help people change?” 

Sometimes traditional counseling methods are not as effective as we need them to be. If you long to be a part of actual, measurable change in people’s lives, Splankna training is for you.  Whether you’re already a professional working with clients or simply a believer in Jesus who longs to be more powerful in the Kingdom, you’re in the right place!

We want to see people thrive, not just manage symptoms. And every believer, professional or not, longs for more vivid ways to engage with the Spirit of God and advance the Kingdom.  

At the Splankna Institute, we understand how powerless you can feel in your ability to promote real change. Many of our own certified practitioners felt similar frustration prior to coming through our training program.

The Splankna protocol, developed over 25 years of actual practice, helps our practitioners use their gifts in the best possible way! Empowering them to make real, measurable changes in peoples’ lives through partnership with God.

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How was Splankna developed? 

Splankna work utilizes tools from the field of "energy psychology."  Energy psychology uses the acupuncture system in the body to relieve trauma emotions at the frequency level. Historically, these kinds of tools have been developed from a new age perspective, but the Splankna Institute is passionate about honoring the Lord's intention in this level of his creation. Get your copy of the ground-breaking book: Splankna; the Redemption of Energy Healing for the Kingdom of God and discover the biblical perspective on the mind-body connection.
Discover God's wonderous design in the mind-body connection.

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