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Today, Christians are stationed all over the globe. They are in the trenches living out what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
And they need resources. 

They need powerful tools to help them bind up the brokenhearted.  Your donation to Splankna International makes it possible for us to take Splankna Training to these heroic brothers and sisters at no cost to them.

Hearts healing every day, all over the world. 
Let's make it happen together!

Recent Trips:

A few years ago, God presented us with an amazing opportunity...


We took the chance of a lifetime to go over seas and visit with a group of Christian leaders in the country. The way this trip came about was completely miraculous. A prayer that revealed the meaning behind a recurring dream to an invitation in less than 3 months, followed by receiving the funds in 2 days to a trip within a few weeks. We could not deny this trip was the plan of the Lord; his hand was all over it.

The group consisted of about 70 Christian leaders, from all over, who traveled to meet us and learn what we had to say. After the first couple of days, we both felt compelled by the Lord to teach them the Core protocol.Ā We discovered that in this area it is not illegal to be a Christian, itā€™s illegal to congregate. Which explained why we had to literally travel under ground from the hotel to the meeting space.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord in this way. We are under the impression from the Lord that HE has a lot more “surprises” planned for Splankna.  

All we can do is what we’ve seen Jesus do…

“Here I am, Lord”

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and the work God did through us in our blog.

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