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At the Splankna Training Institute, we offer a Christian protocol for Mind-Body Work adapting elements from Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.), Thought-Field Therapy (T.F.T.), E.M.D.R. (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and spiritual warfare. It harnesses God's remarkable created mechanisms in the body-mind connection. It provides a highly effective treatment procedure for quickly alleviating a wide range of emotional symptoms. It addresses Client challenges comprehensively, attending to the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the problem and the solution.


Benefits of Attending - Walk Away With...

  • A Christian mind-body protocol that enables you to enjoy the time-efficient effects of mind-body techniques without compromising faith and spiritual boundaries.
  • Tools for achieving rapid results with anxiety disorders, depression, and a wide range of other symptoms.
  • The ability to access and resolve subconscious trauma content in a client's history.
  • The capacity to help clients quickly resolve issues and develop new behavioral and emotional patterns.
  • Member privileges with the Splankna Training Institute for continued education and new developments.
  • The ability to immediately incorporate the healing protocol into practice with clients and start enjoying the results! 
  • Eligibility to attend Advanced Training after completing Core Training requirements.


Who Should Attend?

This Ground-Breaking Training Conference is Designed For...

  • Christian Counselors interested in a Biblical application of mind-body techniques.
  • Lay counselors looking for greater effectiveness with those in their care.
  • Believing professionals in Chiropractics, Massage Therapy, Nutrition or other holistic disciplines looking for effective tools for handling the emotional component that often surfaces in their work.
  • Pastors in need of biblically sound tools to expedite heavy counseling loads in their ministries.
  • All who believe in Jesus and long to see hearts healed!
  • "Refresher" - Previous attendees of Splankna Training who are interested in a second time through to sharpen their skills. (Note: Refresher tuition is $199.) 


Training Locations and Details

We offer trainings in multiple locations throughout the year. Go back to our trainings page to see what training events will be near you. 

Denver, CO

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Kansas City, MO

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Pittsburgh, PA

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Franklin, TN

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Day 1, Participants will...   

  • Experience a live demonstration of the Healing Protocol with an audience volunteer.
  • Receive an introduction to the field of mind-body psychology.
  • Discuss the differences between new age philosophy and God's created mechanisms.
  • Hear about the 25-year development of our protocol.
  • Understand the basic psychological and theological assumptions of Christian mind-body work.
  • Understand how "Circuitry + Intention" is the key to energetic shifts in the body.
  • Learn & practice the basic tenets of applied kinesiology (muscle-testing).
  • Learn about the history, research and basic nature of the subconscious.
  • Learn about the Meridian System in the body and how it stores emotional trauma.
  • Understand Splankna's Emotion Chart and how it is used.
  • Learn and practice the three styles of trauma resolution: Direct Access, Algorithms, and Bi-Lateral Stimulation.


Day 2, Participants will...

  • Learn & practice using Collarbone Statements and Emotion Clearing to overcome Client resistance.
  • Learn how to utilize Algorithms and Bi-Lateral Brain Hemisphere Stimulation to clear Client trauma.
  • Learn how to allow the Holy Spirit to direct your work with a Client.
  • Understand the basics of how spiritual warfare contributes to Client traumas.
  • Learn how to help Clients break spiritual agreements contributing to symptoms.


Day 3, Participants will...

  • Practice, practice, practice taking Clients through the full Healing Protocol.
  • Address work with children and surrogate testing.
  • Explore further spiritual boundary issues that arise in using your new tools.
  • Address special client circumstances and when to refer a client.
  • Get an introduction to Advanced and Masters Trainings and what they entail.


$897 for new registrants ($299 non-refundable deposit option)
$598 for spouses ($299 non-refundable deposit option)
$199 for returning alumni, "refreshers" 

Course Hours 
Registration usually begins at 8:00 a.m. Friday morning. Friday and Saturday's sessions will usually run from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. with lunch on your own at 11:00 a.m. Sunday's session will usually run from 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. without a lunch break (bring a snack if you need to). The exact times can vary from training to training. Please see your training details once you register for confirmation.


If you need to cancel your registration you may receive a refund of your tuition minus the non-refundable deposit as long as you cancel at least two weeks prior to the seminar date. Cancellations within less than two weeks will not be refunded.
For questions call 888-958-0730 or email [email protected]

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