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Splankna work combines body, soul, and spirit in concert to resolve emotional trauma. When all three elements of the person are working together, the change can be deep and lasting.

Splankna attends to the way our bodies store emotions like frequencies. Every moment we experience is stored in the body at the frequency level like a hard drive.

Emotional symptoms come from trauma moments in our lives and the memories and emotions the body stores in response. Current situations trigger old, stored, emotional trauma frequencies and we overreact.

But the body is able to release these emotion frequencies. A simple but informed combination of “touch and thought” facilitates that release.

How do we find these stored emotion frequencies? Muscle response testing. One by one, the stored emotions from the root trauma are released so that the fuel behind today’s symptom is resolved.

Body and Soul.

When the stored trauma emotions behind a symptom are relieved, Splankna helps the client understand and remove the role that the enemy has played in the problem as well, by discovering the destructive vows and lies that were adopted in response to the trauma. Those are broken in prayer.

Body, Soul, and Spirit.

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