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Splankna work leans into the lead of the Holy Spirit, inviting God to search through all the stored emotional content of a person’s history and take them to the root of their symptom. We may not always know the original causes of our emotional struggles, but the Lord does, and He is willing and able to heal.

In prayer, we present ourselves before Him, detain any warfare into the Heavenly courts, and ask Him to find the secret and stubborn places in our will. We ask Him to meltdown all resistance within us like only He can do.

We present whatever needs healing before God and ask that He will search through body, soul, and spirit and take us to the root of the issue. We also invite Him to go to a different place that needs healing if that is His priority. Most of the time God goes where the Client has requested and attends to the presenting problem, but He also regularly surprises us.

Following His lead is the key.

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