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A Christian Mind-Body Protocol for Emotional Healing


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Partner with God

Actively depend on the lead
 of the Holy Spirit.


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Holistic Protocol

A concrete way to resolve the subconscious roots behind symptoms.


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Measurable Change

See change happen faster in the lives of the people you serve.


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“Can I really help people change?”


Sometimes traditional counseling methods are not as effective as we need them to be. If you long to be a part of actual, measurable change in people’s lives, Splankna training is for you. Whether you’re already a professional working with clients or simply a believer in Jesus who longs to be more powerful in the Kingdom, you’re in the right place!

We want to see people thrive, not just manage symptoms. And every believer, professional or not, longs for more vivid ways to engage with the Spirit of God and advance the Kingdom.  

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Splankna in a nutshell...

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Example Opening Prayer

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Opening Prayer


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Make a Difference

See real, measurable change in yourself and those you work with.


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Download a free copy of chapter 15 in our book, UpperDogs, which walks you through a typical Splankna session, start to finish!


Here are a few testimonials of how Jesus is
using Splankna to change lives...


What our Practitioners are Saying

It is truly miraculous!! I just want to pass on that as I continue to become more experienced in Splankna, it continues to absolutely amaze me how God uses it to bring healing! It is truly miraculous!

Sheila M.

I love watching Jesus perform miracles in front of my eyes! I thank the Lord everyday for giving you this tool to create and for giving you the direction to teach it to others. Thank you!

Chris C.
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