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In most areas of psychology and even in ministry we are accustomed to motivation-based change; progress is dependent on people’s strength and willpower. Even in deliverance ministries, you’ll hear people admonished to “keep their healing.”

The implication is that if they aren’t vigilant, their deliverance will not “hold” and their symptoms will return. But when an issue is healed at the root, returning is no longer a threat because the willpower has nothing left there to keep in check.

Let’s say that a client was in a life-threatening, near plane crash and as a result, developed a fear of flying. The conscious mind can be supported in managing that emotional trigger when it arises, but it’s exhausting. What Splankna offers instead is a way to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit right into the places where the body is holding the emotion frequencies from the trauma memory and release them at the source.

When that happens, and the related lie is revoked (i.e. “all flight will inevitably result in death”), we invite Jesus to come and write the truth in that very spot where the lie used to be. Altogether, body, soul, and spirit are “course-corrected,” and the trauma and its symptom are resolved. Now the client feels surprisingly neutral or blank when they think about that traumatic plane ride.

The memory remains but the strong emotional attachment is no longer there. “But what if it comes back?” the client asks. For that to happen, they would have to go back to that age and have the trauma all over again.

Knock yourself out.

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