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All Patterns Are Meaningful

emotional healing emotional trauma healing inner healing Mar 04, 2022

ALL patterns are meaningful. If you notice an emotional cycle or pattern in your life, it comes from somewhere important.

Patterns don’t occur accidentally.

Beneath every emotional cycle is a significant issue that needs to be addressed. If you noticed a romantic cycle for instance, where you start out feeling wonderful but eventually feel neglected, or a work pattern where you are constantly overlooked for deserved credit or promotion, etc. you’re the common denominator of the cycles in your life. Something deep within your own subconscious is creating these cycles.

As soon as you notice one, take it to God. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the original root to the cycle and then listen. Take notes of the things that come to mind. When you can identify and heal something at its root, it will no longer show up in destructive cycles.

Let’s use that romantic cycle as an example. Chances are very good that you repeat this pattern of being in emotionally neglectful relationships because of an early, formative relationship that was neglectful. A parent (commonly) who was distant or disinterested. If you can identify a root like that and bring it before the Lord, he will meet you in it. When it is healed at the source, you will find that your relationships no longer replay the neglect pattern.

How about being overlooked at work? Chances are good that you experienced some early invalidation that is playing out in adult life. Maybe there was favoritism, heavy criticism, competition or shaming in your early family dynamics. Again, when the root is clear and brought to God, today’s changes follow.

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