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faith self-awareness Mar 03, 2022

The aggressive underdog refuses to celebrate Christmas because it’s a “pagan holiday.” He scorns the Easter bunny and any church body that would stoop to hunting eggs. He assumes that if it’s got a heavy backbeat it’s probably trashy and cries, “Show me Scripture and verse!” whenever he’s challenged. His bumper sticker reads, “If it ain’t King James, it ain’t Bible,” and the list of things he’s against is far longer than the list of what he’s for. He reviles a worship band and is certain that no one in that service is truly worshipping. He wouldn’t dare cut a rug or have a glass of champagne to toast the New Year or his daughter’s wedding. He can’t believe that the men’s group at that other church has poker night every other Wednesday and he thinks the only sermon worth hearing is a strict reminder of one’s sin. He knows that people who raise their hands in praise are just looking for attention and that all speaking in tongues is fake and sensational. (He actually thinks it’s demonic but he won’t usually say that out loud.) He’s certain that “the saints” are few and far between and he’s sure glad to be in that number.

These overcompensations into aggression may seem like fierce devotion, but they miss the fact that we’re representing a God who “is love.” When we don’t understand who we are in Christ, that we already have the upper hand, we can end up acting like a bully on a playground— forcefully putting down everyone else in order to make ourselves feel better. Or in this case, feel right. (UpperDogs – Chapter 2)

We need to be love! We need to realize that we represent a God who is LOVE. We are not better than anyone, we are just blessed to belong to him and to choose him daily. Let’s be careful to represent Him well.

In Switchfoot’s song, “Dare You To Move,” they sing about how everyone is watching, everyone waits on us. They sing about how there is a tension between who we are and who we could be. What kind of example do you want to be? When we approach the world with an aggressive threatening posture, we are not a reflection of Christ. God is not being represented in his true nature. God isn’t seen as loving, he is seen as hard, removed, judgmental, and manipulative.

People may follow that God out of fear, but they won’t know his love. They won’t truly love him, therefore their loyalty is fragile. There are plenty of Christians living in this version of religion. Unfortunately, they are suffering without cause. Jesus said he came to set the captives free, but condemnation is captivity.

(UpperDogs – Chapter 2)

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