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Canceled Flight

emotional healing emotional trauma faith healing inner healing Mar 31, 2022

I wanted to let you know something that happened last night.

I got to the MCI airport to find that my flight had been canceled. I’m currently sitting at the airport now waiting for my rescheduled 4:20 flight this afternoon.

Well, I was bummed. But I booked a reservation at a local hotel with shuttle service.

When I was sitting in the lobby waiting for my dinner, I noticed an irate guest yelling at the woman at the front desk. The following guest wasn’t quite as rude but still not courteous. The woman looked like she was trying not to cry. Holy Spirit told me to go give her a hug and tell her how much I appreciated her work. The woman held onto me tight and said “God bless you” and told me she needed that. I notice that she was walking with a cane when she comes over to get her hug.

I sit back down and start eating dinner. Holy Spirit says “offer her Splankna.” And I’m like “um, are you sure?” And I’m thinking she’s going to think I’m nuts. But, of course, I’m feeling totally uncomfortable so I know it’s Him.  So I finish my meal and go up to the front desk and tell her about Splankna and that I felt prompted to offer a session to her if she would like one. I ask what time she’s off and she tells me 11pm and she would love to do it.

Then I went up to my room and re-typed the informed consent form so I could print it out at the hotel and have her sign it.

God is so good. The session was amazing. The primary emotion was paralyzed from age 0/1. Her mom hit her in the face with an iron when she was six months old to stop her crying. She still has the scars on her face and I am guessing she is in her late 40s/early 50s. At that point I was even more sure of God being there. Total confirmation.

The rest of the session brought in more themes of abuse, both from her mom and her ex-husband. She also has cancer that is collapsing her spine. We had to do several rounds of forgiveness to get one of the emotions to clear. We find a vow and prayed to break it and closed with a prayer of covering.

We finish and she tells me she felt nervous and heavy coming into the room with me but after feels like a big burden has been lifted.

I gave her some Splankna info so she can find a local practitioner and she wants to check out some of Sarah’s books. I also recommend Jesus Calling because of where she is right now and how she needs to feel God’s love and forgiveness and peace. While she has been to church, it’s been a long time since she and God have connected and I believe last night inspired her to reconnect with Him.

I emailed her today to get permission to share her story. She agreed and replied with this:

“Thank you very much I slept so at ease last night. I haven't slept that well in a long time. I feel like a door has opened that has been blocked for so long. Thank you so very much.”

Praise be to God. He is so faithful and I am so grateful He led me to Splankna. Thank you for all of your excellent teaching this weekend.

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