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self-awareness Mar 30, 2022

Watching Outlander recently. I’m struck by the drudgery and manual labor that were a normal day-in-the-life even as near as 100 years ago. Up until very recently the world had never significantly changed. People worked the land and home from sun up to sun down to keep basic necessities going. You fed animals and cleaned stalls, kneaded bread and churned butter. Makes me think about my emphasis on “contribution to the story.” All my adult life I’ve felt compelled to teach about contribution, to encourage fellow believers to take it seriously. But it seems like contribution would’ve been nearly impossible throughout most of human history, when it was all you could do to keep the next crop from freezing. What was expected of a person generally through these long centuries? When the Word says, “To whom much is given, much is expected,” what exactly is “expected?” How would a person be able to measurably contribute to thought, or art, government or invention when they were stuck so low on Maslow’s Hierarchy? I wonder how much of that prompt in the Spirit to push for contribution is unique to the time we live in rather than something that’s always been true of man.

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