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Inner Healing

emotional healing emotional trauma faith healing inner healing Mar 03, 2022

There has been a huge inner healing movement in the body of Christ over the last 20 years. The term “inner healing” refers to deep emotional healing from early life wounds. There are many different inner healing models in different Christian circles. What they all have in common is a focus on how the heart carries emotional trauma and how it relates to current symptoms like depression or anxiety. It is widely understood that early emotional wounds get “triggered” in day-to-day life and we overreact in feeling and behavior.

This happens to all of us every day. We overreact. Sometimes we get more angry than a situation calls for, or more fearful or more ashamed. If you could freeze-frame one of these moments and step outside of it. You would be able to tell in your objective logic that you’re responding more intensely than necessary. The reason is that the current moment “triggered” something older. The current situation “double-clicks a file” of some old wound and up to your screen comes not only today’s rational reaction, but all of yesterday’s intensity as well.

Inner healing models aim at resolving those old emotional files so that the fuel behind current symptoms can be lessened. The difference between the models is in the “how” part of it. For some models the “how” is warfare prayer. For some it is imaginative prayer, inviting Jesus into the original hurtful scene. For some it’s rejection of the lies involved in the trauma and conscious embracing of the truth. The Splankna model includes utilizing all of these elements as well as the incredible mind-body connection of God’s creation.

Whatever the “how,” inner healing is meant to assist the heart in growing more and more like Christ day by day. We never need to criticize someone else’s model as long as it honors Jesus. We never need to say, “This is the only right way.” God meets us in all of our little models. He’s gracious that way. He’s always bridging a wide gap between the tools we bring, and the work he accomplished. At the Splankna Institute, we are grateful for all the other models and bless them in Jesus’ Name. May healing come about by a thousand means, as long as he’s glorified!

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