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Is Fear Really A Liar?

emotional healing faith healing inner healing Mar 31, 2022

Zach Williams’ recent song, “Fear Is A Liar” has been sweeping the airwaves.  It obviously touches a universal nerve.  Is fear really a liar though?  When we look at our God and how he reveals himself in scripture, we see him expressing all kinds of emotion.  He feels love of course, joy, pain and anger.  He even expresses emotions that we can’t imagine he could feel, like jealousy and regret.  In fact, you can find examples of God himself experiencing every kind of emotion that human beings do… except one:  Fear.

God never feels fear.  Why is that?

“Because he is all-powerful,” I hear you saying, and of course that’s true.  But if that were the only reason, then people with great power would be largely free of fear and we don’t find that to be the case.  So then what’s the real reason God doesn’t feel fear?

Because fear is a result of the fall.

Fear is a result of the fact that when man sinned, everything went wrong.  Everything broke.  Inside the fall things are not o.k. and we all know it.  We fear because things can go wrong here in our fallen world at any moment.  But God is not subject to the fall.  Where God is, everything is still right.  And where everything is right, fear makes no sense.

But in the garden, didn’t Jesus fear going to the Cross?

Well if you think about it that would be the only circumstance in all of history when it wouldmake sense for God to fear… getting ready to take ON the fall; to become the curse for us.  So it stands to reason that it might be the one and only time that God (in this case the Son) felt fear.

So then is fear a liar or is it the truth inside our fallen world?  Well, both.  We are currently experiencing the effects of the fall. There is suffering, injustice and loss. We do fear those things because they hurt and we avoid them like a reflex.  But here’s the level where fear really is a liar…

Jesus has resolved the fall.

At the Cross and the empty tomb, Jesus put everything right again.  In the big reality, behind the veil where we can’t see with our eyes, everything is already restored.  The enemy has been defeated, the bride has been redeemed and the entire big story has already been seen to its end and culminated in the popping of a cork at the wedding feast of the Lamb!

The feelings of fear are certainly real.  But the truth is that all is well, even when we hurt today.  Ultimately, everything is o.k.  YOU are o.k.  No hurt can change that.  No loss, no tragedy, no injustice or strife.  For I am convinced that neither death or life, angels or demons, the present or the future, or any powers, height or depth, or anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Fear IS a liar.

Splankna Therapy’s mind-body technique is particularly adept at tackling the roots of lying fear.  If you’re sick of listening to those lies, ready to say no to fear, there is hope.  Fear heals. Jesus is healing fear through Splankna Practitioners every day.  Find one near you.

“I can’t remember how long I’ve fought with anxiety.  It used to be just like worry, but in 2012 I started having panic attacks. My pastor recommended I see a Splankna Practitioner.  I was amazed by how this person really expected God to meet us in session and take us to the root of my issue.  But I was even more amazed that it actually happened!  If I remember right, it took three sessions and I was free.  There was a quiet in my heart where there had always been grating tension. I’m so grateful.”

 – Angela Berry, CO

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