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Laws of Rights and Authority

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It is a legal universe. Everything that goes on in the spirit realm is ordered. All things follow God’s laws of right and authority. There are rules. When Satan wanted to torment Job and prove that he only loved God because of blessing, he had to ask God’s permission. At the Cross, the enemy lost the inherent right to mankind through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus. We came out from under the law of sin and death (Ephesians 1:17-21). Subsequently, Satan and his camp attempt to gain back some right to our lives in different ways. Again, I don’t know how literally this happens, but at least symbolically, the enemy seems to show up in our traumatic moments and offer coping strategies or guarantees for example. If somewhere in the deep heart I agree, then I give them a degree of right/access to me.

We agree with these offerings because we are deceived into believing that they are necessary. We get deceived into believing that a particular bargain with warfare will serve some needed purpose. The result is that these Agreements are another kind of the fuel behind our symptoms. I cannot say with certainty that we literally make “deals with the devil,” but just that it is a way of thinking about things that is close enough to reality that it gets the job done. I am confident that it is the framework God has led us to use in the Splankna protocol and that he works within it powerfully. We’re constantly grateful.

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