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faith spiritual armor spiritual warefare Mar 03, 2022

We can no longer afford to be uninformed on new-age topics. Our society is drowning in them unaware. These postulates are subtly laced into commercials, billboards, self-help books, and sermons. We must own the responsibility of a lucid response. We must clearly discern the lie in order to offer the truth. That is the task at hand, and it is long overdue. The heart’s longings that whisper from beneath New Age dogma are met in Christ. We have the answers they’re looking for. The answers that New Age promises but cannot deliver. Let’s move on from merely condemning new-age thinking and address those whispers…with a wink and a smile.

Did you know that Christians used to be leaders in critical thinking? Christians were the founders of all of modern science. It was believers who used to promote investigation, invention because they believed that there was a reason God behind everything. They assumed that exploration would lead to revelation because the designer of everything longs to be discovered.

But somehow over the last hundred years, we’ve allowed a tragic break to occur between thinking and believing. We’ve allowed the secular community to think that faith is in contradiction to critical thinking; that one has to either think or believe. Where did this idea come from? How did thinking and believing start being perceived as opposites? Have you noticed this point of view in the world? In church?

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