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about us Mar 31, 2022

Why Call It “Masters” Training?

At the Splankna Institute we have our anticipated Master’s Training coming up in three weeks. It’s our third and highest training level for the Splankna Protocol. But why do we call it “Masters,” when we all know that nobody is ever really a master of anything? I mean, let’s be honest. There’s always more to learn, greater skill to develop and more experience to gain in any endeavor, especially when you’re dealing with matters of spirit and soul. After the third level of training, have we really “mastered” it?

The concept of mastery implies completion and perfection, yes. And in that sense, nothing is ever totally mastered. But mastery includes other qualities that we can and should require of ourselves, especially in the areas we pursue with passion and calling. Mastery implies excellence. It implies authority, ownership and synthesis. It implies that the practitioner has put in the time, the investment, the courage and the strength to forge a true skill that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. When God decided to make man “in his image” he imbued him with this potential; the potential for mastery. And when we are willing to pour ourselves into that potential, to both discipline and nurture it into maturity, we get to enjoy the honor of being truly competent; a measurably skilled and useful collaborator with him, and believe me… that is worth the effort.

So yes, we call it Masters Training, because God has invited all of us into authentic, powerful collaboration in this life.

And at the Splankna Institute, we’re taking him up it.


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