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Origin of the name Splankna

about us Mar 04, 2022

I’m sure you’ve been wondering about the origin of the name “Splankna.” During my undergraduate work in the Bible department, I had to take a semester of Greek under Dr. Tom Geer. I’m one of those students who can memorize really quickly and easily but I won’t remember it tomorrow. So, unfortunately, most of my Greek swiftly left my head. I still remember some of the more commonly known terms such as “ecclesia” (called out ones) and “hamartia” (sin), but it’s pretty sparing. For some reason, one of the only other Greek words that stuck with me was “splankna.”

Dr. Geer extrapolated one day explaining that while the term is literally translated “bowels” or “guts” (lovely), it was used socio-culturally at the time the way we use the word “subconscious.” As if to say “I know it in my gut.” I always thought it was strange that I remembered that. But when it came time to name the protocol, it was clear. It’s the worst possible name from a promotional standpoint. It’s so clumsy and odd. I love it.

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