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Pull Apart the Clouds

depression emotional healing healing inner healing Mar 03, 2022
We’re taking off from Denver airport on a rainy afternoon.  The gray cloud cover is thick and sticky. Our struggling plane inches into the clouds and suddenly the windows swoosh into darkness. We’re encased in the storm. But then, all at once, we peek just above cloud line into the blistering sunshine.  It was there all along.  The heavens were always lit. It was only our tiny little Denver world that was dark. It seemed like the whole reality until you tip just above the cloud line. No matter how dark today may seem, the heavens are still lit up.  Just above the cloud line, reality is bright.
Depression is like being stuck below the cloud line. People try to encourage, prayers are sent but everything’s still gray in all directions. It’s like an impenetrable spell where joy and hope are flatlined. If you have a loved one who’s stuck in depression, be compassionate. It’s more complicated than a bad mood, or a poor attitude.  Instead of being frustrated with them, intercede. Come before the Lord on their behalf and pull apart the clouds. See the light of reality piercing into their darkness. The more you can pull apart those clouds, the more chance they’ll have to step into a sunbeam.

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