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Soul Ties

emotional healing emotional trauma faith healing inner healing Mar 04, 2022

A “Soul Tie” is a metaphor for the spiritual connection between two people. Prayer ministers think of soul ties as being healthy/godly or unhealthy/ungodly. An unhealthy soul tie can be formed by things like a co-dependent relationship, by sexual abuse or by an ungodly attempt to rescue another or be responsible for them. The effect of an ungodly soul tie can be a high level of emotional reactivity in a relationship. For instance the inability to be honest with another person because of fear of conflict or an overprotective stance. Another example of an ungodly soul tie can be the inability to let go of a past romantic relationship. Sexual intimacy creates a soul tie and outside of marriage it is an ungodly one.

What do you do if you think you have an ungodly soul tie? Bring it before the Lord in confession and repentance. Ask him to attend to your heart about this person, your emotional connection. Repent of whatever you think the cause is of the tie. (i.e. romantic, co-dependant, etc.) Surrender the person over to God. Place them into his hands in your heart/mind's eye and entrust them to him. Ask God to cut the ungodly tie between you and to place his blood as a seal between you. Ask him to breathe into your heart where the tie has been active and pour freedom there.

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