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spiritual armor spiritual warefare Mar 03, 2022
If I could only make one contribution in my lifetime, it would not be what you think.  It would not be in inner healing, believe it or not although I value that deeply.  If I could only make one contribution, it would be to erase the epidemic lie in the Body of Christ that the more active one is in the Kingdom, the more warfare they should expect.  This one lie has taken out more believers than any other.  It is touted by Christian leaders and teachers galore and it is not only a flat lie, it is a profoundly destructive one.  You’ve heard it a hundred times…  “Well sure you’re experiencing all that warfare, the enemy really doesn’t like what you’re doing for God,”  or “Be ready for the enemy to really attack you if you make this commitment to Jesus,”  or “Satan doesn’t bother with the lazy ones.  He’s only targeting the believers who are active.”  Truly I could pull my face off over this lie.  It fires me up more than anything else.
Let’s really look at this philosophy.  Let’s follow it down to its logical conclusion.  If that were true, if the more activity in the Kingdom the more warfare automatically, then game over, we lose!  The enemy’s resources are wide.  If he targeted the most effective, on-the-offense Christians in the world to take them down, we’d see this as a regular pattern.  We would never see people like Billy Graham, or Beth Moore.  They would have been destroyed by warfare years ago.  And how could any believer ever hold to true Kingdom motivation?
The false assumption here is that the enemy can do whatever he wants.  Of course Satan would want to attack the more powerful believers but that doesn’t mean he gets to.  The truth is actually the exact opposite.  In order to be more effective in the Kingdom, you have to be more connected to Jesus, more obedient, more saturated in the Word, more alive to the Spirit.  These are the very things that drive OUT the enemy’s involvement.  These are the very things that CLOSE the doors to his legal right in your life.  The truth is that the more effective in the Kingdom, the LESS warfare.  We are the winners in this story.  We are the UpperDogs!
Steam starts shooting out of my ears when I hear some Christian leader bragging about the impressive level of warfare in his life.  Wearing it like a badge of honor that he’s constantly swatting off demons.  When the truth is that if he’s experiencing high levels of warfare, it is not because he is such a critical mover in the kingdom, it is because he’s not handling his house.  It is because he’s leaving too many doors open for the enemy to walk through.  It is nothing to brag about.

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