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What Does a Splankna Session Look Like?

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Client comes to session with a particular request…maybe depression, anxiety, addiction or relational conflict.  It could be any emotional issue or physical problem thought to be emotionally rooted.  The Splankna Practitioner would gather information about the history of the symptom, client’s family of origin, etc.

A Splankna Session Begins With Prayer…

“Lord God, will you please call to our spirits that are seated in Jesus and rise that place in us up to leadership.  As much as we know how to, we both hand ourselves over to you now completely. We lay ourselves at your feet as living sacrifices.  Please gather us where we’re broken and bring everything under the authority of your Spirit. In your Name Lord Jesus we take authority over the soul. We close down all the chaos and enemy activity there and we ask you Lord Jesus to lay your hand now on the soul. Set it to perfect peace and surrender.”

“Lord Jesus we trust you to handle the warfare. Will you please collect all warfare that has any right to us to both of us and lock it under your feet. If we need any backup will you send that for us please. Arrange the heavens around us in peace and strength. Please go before us in battle.

“Lord we need you to handle our will. Please move through us now in your Spirit and everywhere our will is stubborn for any reason. Melt our will down now by your power. Align our will with your own so that we can surrender to you. Share your desire with us so that we can want what you’re wanting for this session.”

“Lord God, may I (practitioner) please have your blessing to be completely effective in your hand today and for your perfect objectivity as we work. Will you please open my ears to hear your lead. May I please have your anointing to move Susan past me wherever that applies. Holy Spirit please rise up your presence in us. Please rest on us in leadership and authority. Cause us to be able to partner with you far past our own strength.”

“Lord God, we know that you know Susan’s heart better than we do. You know everything she’s ever experienced and you know your plans for her. We trust your leadership for this session. Will you please come now and seek out the place in her heart that you choose to work on today. Holy Spirit, mark out the steps you would have us take and we will follow you. Will you reveal to her heart the joy in what you are offering her. Will you please speak to her heart just what she needs to hear in order to follow you there.”

“Thank you ahead of time for all that you’re going to do. May your whole will be done. May your Kingdom be advanced in everything we say and do.”

“In your name Lord Jesus, Amen”

They muscle test to begin the work…

 They trust that the Spirit of God did just choose a moment in time in the client’s life to work with.  They muscle test the client’s own soul/body to find what specific age they’re addressing.  Then they test for the “central emotion.”  The central emotion is the one the client felt in the moment of the trauma that best represents the theme of the event.  For instance, if the trauma was a father leaving, the central emotion might be “Grief.”  They work through a simple Emotion Chart to help identify which emotions the client felt and stored in body memory and the subconscious hard drive.  

They clear each of the traumatic emotions… 

The proper combination of touch and thought allows the body to release each trauma emotion like letting go of an electrical charge.  The client touches the Meridian point on their own body while thinking about the trauma emotion and how it was felt during the event/age they’re addressing.  They work through spoken forgiveness statements when needed.  They follow these steps to clear all the trauma emotions that were stored from the identified trauma.  In our example, the central emotion might be “Grief”, then there might be 6 more trauma emotions that the client felt/stored when the father left.  The Practitioner would walk the client through clearing all of those emotions one by one and the client’s body would release them.  Each emotion would take a few minutes to identify and clear.

They find the significant vow or lie… 

Once the emotions are cleared around the identified trauma, it’s time to handle the spiritual issue as well.  They find the significant vow or lie that the client adopted in the moment of trauma.  In prayer together, the client will confess, repent and break agreement with that destructive coping reaction.  They ask Jesus to breathe life into all the areas of the client that were affected.  If they broke agreement with a lie, they ask Jesus to write the truth where the lie used to be.  If they broke a vow, they give that place in the will to Jesus and ask him to seal it to his own will… to establish his permanent reign there.


In the conscious mind, we choose life.  We could all wake up any morning and decide to break agreement with lies we see operating in our lives.  But when we attempt that, it isn’t always as fruitful as we hope.  This is partly because as Romans 7 explains, there is a conflict in our will.  The “spirit man” chooses life but our brokenness chooses death.  Splankna therapy walks the client through these steps because when the painful emotions around a trauma are released, the whole being is freed up to “agree” with finally breaking that lie or vow and change can occur.  The client will notice that when something happens in life that would normally “trigger” the symptom, they’re peaceful instead of reactive.

And we praise God.


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