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Where To Put Curses

faith self-awareness spiritual armor spiritual warefare Mar 31, 2022

Where To Put Curses?

There’s a little porch attached to my bedroom where I go to meet with God. I have a basket swing, a blanket, and a sloping view out over my neighborhood in southeast Denver. The house is still new to our family. We moved in about 18 months ago. When we first found the house I felt that deep “yes” that comes over you when you know you’ve found your home. I remember telling everyone, “I’m going to live here until they wheel me out into assisted living!” We call it our treehouse. It is a more beautiful house than I ever expected to own and I felt like it was an extra sweet gift from God. But not long after we moved in I noticed that something had gone gray in my heart concerning the house. My initial, deeply blessed feeling had been marred by something but I wasn’t sure what. I’ve been meaning to ask him about it and it came up in our conversation yesterday on the porch.

What came up was that someone had probably felt jealous and cursed me and our new house. Unfortunately, it is fairly common that curses come through jealousy, even when people aren’t meaning to curse. God showed me that I had subconsciously agreed to diminish the glory and sweetness of our house and my enjoyment of it because it felt protective to me. I silently reasoned that if I didn’t find so much joy in our new house, people wouldn’t be as jealous and wouldn’t be as likely to curse us. In my experience with my own life and the lives of clients, I find this to be a common dynamic that goes on at the subconscious level between people.

So I did what I know to do… I repented of shutting down the glory of our new home and my enjoyment of it. I gathered up the curse that came through someone’s jealousy. While I was at it, I went ahead and repented of all the other times in my life that I may have agreed to diminish the glory of different things God has given me in the misguided attempt to protect myself from people’s jealous curses. I gathered up all the curses throughout my life that have come through these kinds of jealous dynamics and I began to place those curses into the Heavenly Courts as I usually do. But as I started to pray that piece, placing them into the Heavenly Courts, I felt the Spirit stop me. “That’s not where they go,” I heard. “It’s not?” I thought. And then I saw the image in my mind of Jesus’ own wounds in his hands and feet. “They go in here,” Jesus said.

He showed me that curses can be placed right into those wounds on his hands and feet because when we are cursed for the glory God has placed in us, it is one of the ways we share in His sufferings. In the spiritual realm, those wounds remain, an eternal testimony of his sacrifice. Those wounds are so powerful that they can absorb any curse. Those wounds are how Jesus “became a curse” for us. Jesus warned us that, “if they cursed me, they will curse you too.” Part of why they cursed him was because of indignance at the Glory of the Father that he carried. We talk about “sharing in his sufferings” in terms of being persecuted for faith. That certainly is one way we share in his sufferings, but being cursed is another way.

The next time you feel cursed through someone’s jealousy, place those curses right into the wounds on his hands and feet. That way you can hurt with Jesus in the pain of that curse. He knows what it is to be cursed for the glory he carried. If we could bring the pain of curses straight to him, maybe we could stay connected to that glory rather than shutting it down.

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