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faith self-awareness Mar 03, 2022

Kevin McFarland of Manna International tells a story of observing a young boy in an airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The boy was watching through the window as people boarded their planes and flew off into the sunset. The odd thing was that each time a plane would fly off, the boy would break into hysterical laughter. McFarland watched this process for some time before his curiosity overtook him. He approached the boy and asked why he was laughing at the planes. The boy looked up and said “If those people only knew how tiny they were going to be, in just a few minutes, they would never get on those planes!” Worldview affects everything.

I used to avoid the idea of partnership with God because of a wrong worldview. I used to think that if I was really devoted to God, really sold out, I’d have to live in the desert and eat beetles. I assumed that the more something was enjoyable, the farther it was from the “will of God” for my life. That the more obedient I was, the more miserable it would be. Realizing that God’s call intentionally matches my unique desires changed everything for me. What are your false assumptions about God? How are they affecting your life?

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